Rural style of Fujara flute play

Rural style of Fujara flute play

However, Fujara flute was also played in a rural environment. Usually, Fujara flute has been played “in the evenings”, resp. “at the evening parties”. Just then youths accompanied each other and often one of them has played under the window of his girlfriend. Often, the lover revealed himself to his dear by a specific cipher.

Martin Sanitar (famous Slovak fujarists) also states, that the Fujara flute used to be played by recruitment.
In one fujara song from I. Weiss it is singed:
” I would not , I would not, join the army, would my father, begged the lords. But my father didn’t want to beg the lords, so I must go and carry a sword. “

But also in the village the Fujara flute has been played in seclusion (all alone) in the evening time, when the interpreter played just for himself, respectively only for a close ring of listeners.

Generally, in the rural fujara play (mostly Fujara flute has been played in stiller seclusions) were more of melody variations and flute’s fingering techniques used.