Unique flute from Central Europe

Unique flute from Central Europe

There are many amazing and unique flutes in the world but no one is similar to Fujara (Slovak overtone flute). Fujara is remarkable not only with its grand dimensions (1.7 meter / 67 inches long) and design but also is endowed with a voice like no other woodwind instrument on Earth.

Fujara unique soft voice is resonating in the same register and similar frequencies as singing human voice and has strong meditative and calming effects on the listener as well as the player. Fujara flute’s unique and natural playing techique is predestinating the intrument to be used not only by professional musicians but also by much wider choice of amateur music lovers and starting musicians. In this connection we can say that Fujara is the same for flute’s world as the world known didgeridoo for the world of trumpets – ancient ancestor.

Fujara has 3 holes (vents), but the height of the tone is decided mainly by the strength of in-blown air. This makes the playing technique very natural and easy to learn for anybody. Fujara flute’s beautiful voice sounding in perfect accordance with the player’s breath give a very satisfactory feeling even for the very beginner and make the learning process fun, interesting and thus easy.

Fascinating range of 3 octaves in major, 11 overtone levels and ease of play make Fujara outstanding meditation intrument for everybody to start with, stick with and live with! Every fujara overtone flute is naturaly tuned to itself while the Fujara flute’s scale is mostly created by overblowing the the flute reaching various overtones.
Put simply, Fujara won’t let you play bad, is easy to start with and can very easy become a love for lifetime ­čÖé

Fujara melodies are embelished by shriller tones when playing “scatter” on the beginning of the song ( audio samples ) and whoosh by overblowing the instrument.