FS Fujara, collapsible in 2 parts

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Our best selling Fujara model

  • Can be collapsed into 2 parts
  • Preserves natural bent shape
  • Joint is finished in cork
  • Made out of quality maple tree

Fujara grade

  • Excellent playability
  • Haunting mellow voice
  • Rich overtones that are very easy to play

[themify_box style=”orange info”]BEST KEY to start with is G:
soft haunting voice, easy to play, lots of recordings and audio samples to learn from[/themify_box]

429 719



Our manufacturing process and quality control is very thorough:

  • All our Fujara flutes are made of carefully selected and treated wood. We use different wood for Fujara body, and yet different for fipple (voice creation device) inserts:  our selected wood is highly resistant to moisture, weather and temperature changes.
  • All our Fujara flutes are hand-made, finished with uttermost care and thoroughy play tested and adjusted by our master craftsman.
  • All our Fujara flutes are adjusted to fit exactly to your body height and palm size.
  • We are hand-made workshop company – every detail is watched carefully by our craftsmen…



  • We will adjust your Fujara to suit your figure exactly (free of charge).
  • Upon request we can custom size the fingering holes for people with smaller hands (free of charge).
  • Lifetime repair or inspection of our instruments in our workshop (free of charge).

[themify_box style=”orange info” ]JUST RELY ON OUR EXPERTISE
& WE WILL HANDLE ALL THE REST…[/themify_box]



The most popular fujara – G key (172cm / 63″)

For all beginners over 165 cm high, we recommend starting on G key fujara (the most widely used key). Most fujara recordings and performings are played on G key fujara. So you will have lots of materials to learn from. G key fujara has very nice and soft haunting voice and is very easy to play and handle.

  • Very easy to carry aroung and very nice looking 🙂
  • Excellent playability
  • Haunting mellow voice
  • Rich overtones, easy to overblow

Suggested for players with height of over 165 cm

Bigger fujara flutes – F# (182cm / 72″) & F (192cm / 76″) key

These fujara flutes are getting really big, and their voice is more haunting and mellow. Still, they are easy to play and over-blow (to reach multi-phonics). Since these keys require lots of subtle fine-tunings and longer wood, they are much harder to make and are also more expensive.

  • Lowest fujara key available, allowing for comfortable play
  • OK to carry around and very nice looking 🙂
  • Excellent playability
  • Haunting mellow voice
  • Rich overtones, easy to overblow
  • Suggested for people with height of over 180 cm (upon request, we can adjust the fujara for smaller players)

Suggested for players with height of over 175 cm (F# key), 180 cm (F key).

Smaller fujara flutes – G# (161cm /63″) & A (152cm / 60″) & Bb (144cm / 57″) key

Smaller fujara flutes with higher, more penetrating and playful voice. Very enjoyable fujara keys to play, very easy & lightweight to carry around. These fujara keys are a great option for smaller fujara players or women (which also usually have smaller finger span).

  • Best keys for smaller players to start with, much fun to play
  • Very nice “joyish” sounding fujara keys, with a bit more penetrating voice
  • Very easy to carry around and very nice looking 🙂
  • Excellent playability
  • Rich overtones, easy to overblow
[themify_box style=”green info” ]Suggested for players with height of over:
G# key: 160cm / , 150 cm (A key), 140 cm (Bb# key).[/themify_box] [themify_box style=”orange announcement ” ]Upon request, we can customise any fujara to suite even smaller players than recommended. We will adjust fingering hole’s sizes & possitions and make side air pipe much longer. However, it will slightly distort overall fujara tuning.[/themify_box]

Additional information

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Fujara Key

F (192cm / 76"), F# (182cm / 72"), G (172cm / 68"), G# (161cm / 63"), A (152cm / 60"), Bb (144cm / 57")


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