FS Koncovka

Our top fujara model in key of C

  • Higher sounding fujara key, suitable for children as well
  • Very easy to carry around and very nice looking 🙂
  • Excellent playability
  • Haunting mellow voice
  • Rich overtones, easy to overblow
  • Suggested for people with height of over 130 cm (upon request, we can adjust this fujara even for smaller players)



Our manufacturing process and quality control is very thorough:

  • All our fujara flutes are made of carefully selected and treated wood. We use different wood for fujara body, and yet different for fipple (voice creation device) inserts:  our selected wood is highly resistant to moisture, weather and temperature changes.
  • All our fujara flutes are hand-made, finished with uttermost care and many times play tested and adjusted by our master craftsman.
  • All our fujara flutes are adjusted to fit exactly to our customers  them body height and palm size.
  • We are hand-made workshop company – every detail is watched carefully by our craftsmen…

Additional information

Koncovka Key

G (87cm / 34"), G# (83cm / 33"), A (77cm / 30"), Bb (72cm / 28"), B (67cm / 26"), C (63cm / 25"), C# (60cm / 24"), D (58cm / 23"), D# (56cm / 22"), E (54cm / 21"), F (48cm / 17"), G (44cm / 17"), G# (42cm / 17"), A (40cm / 16")


Dark, Medium, Light


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